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Dr. Kay Potetz is a management consultant and has been conducting seminars since the early 1980s. Her qualifications include 25 years of management and administrative experience, a Masters Degree in Business Administration and a Ph.D. Dr. Potetz began her career in hospital work as a Radiological Technologist and moved on to Nuclear Medicine Technology. She is registered with the American Colleges of Radiological and Nuclear Medicine Technologies. (read more)

Attitude Adjustment Seminar

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Attitude Adjustments Get positive and get what you want How mood affects performance Attitude awareness Self-talk Self fulfilling prophecy Long-term effects of positive AND negative attitudes Belief and value systems Perceptions and emotions Selective perception and projection Attribution theory The benefits of developing and maintaining a positive attitude Dr. Kay Potetz & Associates are Motivational Keynote [...]

Workplace Delegation Seminar

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The Dos and Don'ts of Delegation (Organize and Deputize) Delegation is one of the most important management skills Low, moderate, and high degrees of delegation Delegating authority but not responsibility Selecting the “right” delegatee Advantages of delegation Barriers to delegation Steps to effective delegation Dr. Kay Potetz & Associates are Motivational Keynote Speakers and Management Consultants [...]

Leadership Seminar

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Leadership Leadership defined Leadership over the history of time Can you build a leader? Servant leadership Followership Formal vs. informal leaders Trait theory Behavioral styles theory Situational theory Transformational leadership theory Who are the successful leaders? What made them so successful? Steps to becoming a leader Dr. Kay Potetz & Associates are Motivational Keynote Speakers and [...]

Time Management Seminar

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This Will Only Take a Minute The myth of not having enough time Methods for completing “awesome tasks” Prioritizing The power of saying “No" Setting boundaries Knowing what you want and need Communicating your needs Supporting your words with actions Time wasters and their cures Procrastination You have all the time there is Dr. Kay Potetz [...]

Hiring Right Every Time

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Nothing is more costly than hiring the wrong person Effective interviewing techniques Legal concerns in the selection process Structured interviews Behavioral Interviews Reducing turnover and increasing employee retention The importance of employee orientation Policies and procedures Dr. Kay Potetz & Associates are Motivational Keynote Speakers and Management Consultants specializing in Motivation, Leadership Development, Team Building and [...]

Coping with Diversity Seminar

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Differences between people are a major source of friction and the number and variety are overwhelming Managing diversity EEO issues and race Sexual Harassment in the workplace Age issues and diversity management Individuals with disabilities in the workforce The ability to” read” other people provides the opportunity to relate more effectively Dr. Kay Potetz & Associates [...]

Laughing Matters Seminar

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The value of laughter Physiological effects of laughter Laughter is healthy What things are funny? Finding humor in situations Our perceptions Reality is neutral Famous alibi Learn how to get along with people who have always irritated you Dr. Kay Potetz & Associates are Motivational Keynote Speakers and Management Consultants specializing in Motivation, Leadership Development, Team [...]

Employee Motivation Seminar

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Employee Motivation: Are You a Leader or a Loser? Focusing on employees as a resource Tapping into “what” motivates each individual Expectancy theory Fitting people to jobs Fitting jobs to people Making work productive Extrinsic vs. intrinsic rewards Needs assessment Effectiveness of feedback Validity of material rewards Other motivation techniques for a diverse workforce Dr. Kay [...]

Self-Preservation Strategies

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When resources are stretched to the limit, it is vital that every member of an organization remain emotionally and physically healthy. Being in the health care industry, dealing with life and death issues, time pressures, grief and other emotionally charged issues can make individuals in this setting especially prone to "burn-out". A valuable leader is one [...]

Creative Problem-Solving: Thinking Outside the Box

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Leaders in growing organizations are asked to find new ways of solving both long-standing and emerging challenges. In many cases, this involves being able to do more with fewer resources. This program focuses on enhancing the ability to think more creatively and to become increasingly flexible in thinking. The ability to view things from different vantage [...]