Being an Effective Advocate (Showing the Way)

Some define Advocacy as the pursuit of influencing outcomes while others say it is the belief that one’s vision can be brought to life. The majority of folks associate Advocacy with effectuating the change process.

Effective Advocates employ interpersonal styles and methods that inspire and guide individuals and encourage the participation and collaboration of others in bringing about effective change. They modify their own behavior to meet the needs of others, and to accommodate tasks, situations and individuals.

Effective Advocacy introduces individuals to the skills they need to be the agents of change in their environment.
At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify ways to think, speak and listen is order to inspire and mobilize others into effective action.
  2. Describe how to express our individual will and initiative.
  3. Respond creatively in the face of resignation and negative circumstances.
  4. Explain how to exercise critical thinking regarding self and society.

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