Coping with Diversity Seminar

//Coping with Diversity Seminar

Coping with Diversity Seminar

  • Differences between people are a major source of friction and the number and variety are overwhelming
  • Managing diversity
  • EEO issues and race
  • Sexual Harassment in the workplace
  • Age issues and diversity management
  • Individuals with disabilities in the workforce
  • The ability to” read” other people provides the opportunity to relate more effectively

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Dr. Kay Potetz is a management consultant and has been conducting seminars since the early 1980s. Her qualifications include 25 years of management and administrative experience, a Masters Degree in Business Administration and a Ph.D. Dr. Potetz began her career in hospital work as a Radiological Technologist and moved on to Nuclear Medicine Technology. She is registered with the American Colleges of Radiological and Nuclear Medicine Technologies. (read more)