No More Problem Solving

The Value of Appreciative Inquiry

    • Traditional methods of problem solving don’t work
    • The traditional approach to addressing problems has been to define them, do a diagnosis, find who is responsible, and find a solution
    • The primary focus is on what is wrong or broken which results in a never-ending cycle of blaming, defensiveness, and arguments. Appreciative Inquiry is a radically affirmative approach to change
    • Let go of problem-based management
    • Looking for what works in the organization and building on it is much more productive than looking for problems
    • What’s right around here?
    • When were we really “hot?”
    • What will it take to return to that level of functioning?
    • Creating a vision. Where do you really want to be? Appreciative Inquiry is one of the most modern management theories. If your current methods of Problem Solving have not been working, this program is for you.

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