What You Do Is What You Get

(What the heck is it?)

WYDIWYG (pronounced wih/dee/wig) is an acronym meaning What You Do Is What You Get. It was created in response to the question that has been asked so many times, i.e., “Why should I be the one who is nice?”
The reason of course, is that we feel better when we’re positive and pleasant. In fact Dan Goleman, a Harvard trained psychologist, tells us that our brains are ‘hard wired’ to connect with and mimic others’ emotions.

Our reactions to others, and theirs to us, have a tremendous biological impact. Hormones that regulate everything from our hearts to our immune systems are produced when we connect face to face or voice to voice with someone else. Therefore every encounter influences the emotional state of each person.

If we see someone who is laughing or happy, we often feel better ourselves. And some of the people with which we spend time seem to take all of the air out of a room. Negativism is quite contagious.

Therefore on any given day all we do is connect and react to others, and they to us. Therefore WYDIWYG:

Give a smile, get a smile   smiley_032

Throw a punch and get a punch.simpsons